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Changes to The Highway code

15 February 2022

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Are you up to date with the Highway Code?

A significant change is the introduction for the first time of a Hierarchy of Road Users, reflecting the need for those whose mode of travel poses the most potential to cause harm to others to be especially careful towards them. In rural areas, we would hope that this helps to reinforce the goal of Quiet Lanes Suffolk (https://www.quietlanessuffolk.co.uk/) – a project funded by East Suffolk Council on behalf of the Greenprint Forum, and by Suffolk County Council – to help preserve the tranquillity of the many narrow rural lanes that are being designated as Quiet Lanes under the project, for the benefit of those who want to enjoy our country routes by active means. Many of the changes simply clarify and formalise standards that one would hope all road users would already abide by out of common courtesy and good sense. The authoritative source of the full current Highway Code is: -


and the key changes can be seen on: -


So now is a good time to re-familiarise yourself with the Highway Code and I would urge all readers to share this widely.