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EA Cable Route Update

5 February 2019

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From EA One

I’m writing to update you about the construction works for East Anglia ONE (EA1) and address a safety concern.

 The onshore works are progressing well, with 97% of the open cut works (trench and duct installation) complete. All underground drilling activities associated with EA1 are also finished, with only some EA3 works at Bawdsey ongoing. Cable installation through the ducts began at the end of 2018 and is progressing along the route. After construction is completed, we will undertake testing and commissioning of the cable later this year before the first power is produced. I will organise some further open days to discuss construction progress and also address reinstatement of the land and the forthcoming EA3 project.

 With regard to safety, we have had two instances recently with motorists running red lights and hitting heavy plant crossing the road. Fortunately, nobody has been seriously injured and we are exploring whether any additional traffic management is required with the Highway Authority. I know that the lights can be a source of irritation. However, in light of recent events I would be grateful if you could remind your members not to take a chance at the crossing points.

 Kind regards