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Poor state of Innocence Lane and Back Road

31 January 2017

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Members of the PC met with SCC Highways on 18th January to show them the poor state of Innocence Lane and Back Road.  We had previously written to them about the shoddy state of the repair work to Innocence Lane, and we were advised that this had only intended to be a short term fix using a small amount availability of funding - it might have helped if they had told us this in the first place!

Regarding the overall state of both roads we were advised the repair was on their 'two year plan' and constrained by funding. From the PCs perspective this isn't a viable solution, and we need to continue to pressurise for adequate repairs to be completed.

Part of our previous correspondence with SCC asked how vehicle repair claims resulting from the poor road conditions would be handled, and its of note that one villager is in the process of making a claim.  We will endeavour to get a claim form for this site, however in the mean time if you need to make a claim please write to Malcolm King at SCC Highways.