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Speed awareness in Kirton & Falkenham

16 May 2019

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You may not have noticed but the Speed Indicator Device (SID) is here! Currently located on the entry to Kirton facing the Bucklesham direction.   A big thank you to Susan Harvey whose grant as District Councillor was used to fund the SID.


The plan for the SID is that it can be moved around to different locations, the prevailing view being that drivers start to ignore them if they remain in the same location for too long.  These locations are detailed on the Parish Council website.


Here are a few additional pieces of information in the format of “Frequently asked questions”


Q. The SID doesn’t light up when I drive past

A. We’ve selected a device with longer battery recharge intervals (up to 20 weeks). In order to preserve battery life the SID is designed to trigger only when speeds of 33mph are detected.


Q. Its not environmentally friendly, why aren’t we using solar panels to charge it?

A. Investigations have shown that solar panel charged devices are far heavier and make them difficult to move between locations.  The longer battery recharge cycles should limit the environmental impacts.


Q. What is the detection range?

A. 100 metres plus.


Q. Does the SID capture registration numbers?

A. No.  It collects data on vehicle speeds which can be collected for further analysis, however no vehicle specific data is recorded.


Q. What else is being done to raise Speed awareness

A. In addition to the SID, you may have noticed the two-way “speed awareness” sign on Falkenham Rd before the junction with Back Road. SCC Highways have suggested these are “portable” for use in locations where the SID isn’t currently located, however following initial installation it seems impractical that they will be moved on a regular basis.


Q. How can I help with monitoring, recharging and relocating the SID

A. Please contact the Parish Council at if you feel you can help.