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Speed awareness consultation

Information related to planned siting of speed awareness signs


Following numerous complaints regarding speeding in the Parish, the Parish Council (PC) has obtained grant funding from our District Councillor to enable the purchase of a Speed Indicator Device (SID).  There are a number of different types of SID, however the aim of all of them is to increase awareness of excessive driving speed through the use of a visual display.

The expectation of SIDs is that they will be rotated around a small number of authorised pre-designated locations within the Parish, and that the rotation between those sites is undertaken by local volunteers.  The idea behind site rotation is that apparently once drivers become accustomed to a single site location, they become less responsive to the SID when it indicates an excessive speed has been monitored.

Note that prices vary considerably as a number of additional features are available such as red/green display, smiley/sad face, SLOW DOWN/ THANK YOU, speed data collection.  Whilst we would wish to obtain the highest spec device possible, this will undoubtedly limited to available funds, however, if you have any views on this please let us know. 

Siting of SID devices

A number of considerations need to be taken into account when determining appropriate locations:-

  • The Suffolk County Council (SCC) checklist highlights many of these (for example, not allowable where there are road junctions or numerous driveways, or where there isn't 80-100m line of sight for approaching vehicles). Note, this checklist is non discretionary!
  • From a management and cost perspective it is likely to be more efficient if the number of locations is reduced to a small number (for example each additional site will incur cost if a new pole is required). 
  • The use of a SID is probably not optimal where the volume of traffic and speeding frequency is relatively low.
  • Some routes (such as traffic within and between Kirton and Falkenham) are predominantly used by residents.  As such, it might be concluded that observed regular speeding by villagers might be best handled by other means (eg capture and reporting of registration plates).

Proposed locations for SIDs

A number of locations have been raised as concern and are listed below.  Of these locations 1 & 2 are being proposed at this point in time.

  1. Trimley Road approaching the Innocence Lane/Back Road junction (both directions).  Dangerous for traffic turning out of both Innocence Lane and Back Road.  Medium volume of traffic (through traffic and village traffic).  Suitable SID sites identified north (a) and south (b) of junction.
  2. Bucklesham Road between Park Lane and 50mph limit at village boundary sign.  Dangerous for pedestrians and householders (exiting driveways) due to failure to reduce speed on entry to Kirton, and build up of speed before exit.  Medium volume of traffic (through traffic and village traffic). Suitable SID sites identified (a & b)
  3. Falkenham Road, through village.  Danger to pedestrians where pavements are not in place (populated area). Relatively low volume of largely residents' traffic.  Does not fulfil SCC suitability criteria (driveways, junctions etc) therefore not proposed for consideration.
  4. Back Road.  Danger to pedestrians. Relatively low volume of, largely residents', traffic. Fulfils SCC suitability criteria between B&M Concrete and Guston Gardens only (80-100m Line of sight required, Road junctions).  Proposed for possible consideration at a later date if deemed necessary.

Photos of proposed sites

Process for approval of sites

As part of the SCC approval process it is necessary to consult residents adjacent to the proposed sites.  This will be undertaken by writing formally to each of the adjacent residences.  The PC will consider any responses before an application is made.

Additionally we are using this exercise as an opportunity to elicit feedback from all villagers regarding the proposals before an application is made.  Please provide your comments by emailing kfpcwebsite@gmail.com or in writing to: The Clerk, 17 Grays Orchard, Kirton IP10 0RE.

A decision regarding progressing with, and the nature of, approval is planned for the PC meeting on 14th May 2018

Communication & Next steps

Communication will be via the K&F PC website, Twitter, The Kirton & Falkenham Review, and the Kirton Community & Countryside Conservation Facebook page.  Feedback is requested by 6th May 2018.

Residents are also requested to advise if they wish to volunteer with the ongoing SID management process (eg the periodic movement of the SID between approved sites).