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This site has been created on a platform developed by Suffolk.Cloud using the Silverstripe Content Management System.  Their accessibility statement relates to the platform and templates used and can be viewed here

With respect to the specific content published by Kirton & Falkenham Parish Council, every attempt has been made to ensure that current accessibility standards are adhered to.  In certain situations we have found that adherence is not possible, or else makes the presentation of the material less coherent for the generic user; In general this relates to the labelling of images which is caused by the limitations/features of the Silverstripe template.  Specific examples can be found on the Home page, for example: It has not been possible to additionally label the link to the Walking Map other than that which is provided visually on the page; The Slide show image format (showing photos of Falkenham Church etc) doesn't allow for additional (digitally readable) labels to be added, and the alternative of adding further visual descriptions to these images is considered to make them more nonsensical to non visually impaired users, and has therefore not been adopted.

If you find other examples of non-compliance with current Accessibility standards please contact us in order that appropriate alterations can be considered