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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

13 March 2020

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called coronavirus

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Innocence Farm proposal rejected by Inspector

13 February 2020

The Planning Inspector has written to East Suffolk Council outlining his views on the Suffolk Coastal Local Plan and has, amongst other considerations, asked for the Innocence Farm proposal for 67 Ha to be allocated for employment land related to "Port related activity" be removed from the Plan.  For the full details see the East Suffolk web site latest news Inspector's post hearings letter

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Kirton Rd closure 19th Dec

17 December 2019

Extended road closure on Kirton Rd

See notification from Suffolk Highways below.  Seems the disruption this week will be extended by one day, to Thursday

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Thanks! Christmas Tree lighting ceremony

9 December 2019

Well done to all who were able brave the elements to attend the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on Friday.

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Innocence Farm update

15 August 2019

We are in the final stages of the Local Plan review.   

Background: East Suffolk Coastal submitted their Local Plan to the government Inspector to be examined for soundness.  A public consultation subsequently took place and the joint PC group (K&F PC and neighbouring PCs) produced a detailed response.  Subsequently the Inspector determined the ‘matters’ he wishes to address at the public examination hearings and the questions he is wanting addressed for each matter.

Where are we now: The joint PC group have contracted with planning professionals and they, with our input, have produced written submissions for each of the 'matters' concerning Innocence Farm (IF) and will be representing us at the hearings, beginning 20th August.

The matters relevant to IF are those addressing the process of producing the Local Plan, the economy policies and finally the IF policy itself.  

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