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Parish Council and Parish meetings will be held in the Recreation Ground Pavilion at 7.30pm

Planning meetings are called as required.

Meetings 2020

Annual Meeting April 20th Cancelled due to Covid-19

Annual Parish Council Meeting May 11th Cancelled due to Covid-19

June 15th  Cancelled due to Covid-19

July 13th via Zoom*

Aug 10th via Zoom* 

Sept 14th via Zoom* (provisionally)

Oct 12th via Zoom* (provisionally)

Nov 16th via Zoom* (provisionally)

Jan 11th - meeting arrangements TBA

Feb 15th - meeting arrangements TBA

Mar 15th - meeting arrangements TBA

Annual Meeting Apr 12th - meeting arrangements TBA

Annual Parish Council Meeting May 17th - meeting arrangements TBA

(*) If you wish to attend Zoom meetings, please email kandfpc@gmail.com

Click on the folders below to view the agendas and minutes of previous meetings